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Robins Airteam have been trading since September 1997, we carry out repairs; servicing; and installation of all makes & models of Air Compressor, for the Medical / Optical / Dental Professions; Garage services; Engineering companies; Furniture & Cabinet makers; Cobblers; UPVC Specialists; Pallet Manufacturers; Body tanners & Finger nail artists; etc., with most of the work carried out on customers premises, at a time and date that suits them, not us !!

We also carry out pipe work on Air main & Ring main installations, from the design of a new installation to renewing or extending existing air mains, the pipe work can be carried out in Galvanized Steel or Rigid Nylon, for which we are the Registered installers for John Guest Ltd., using their revolutionary push-fit Rigid Nylon Tube system, which comes in the following metric sizes : 15mm; 22mm & 28mm with a full range of fittings to suit all situations.

We can supply & install the following air compressors via our distribution network :

Dental / Medical Compressors: 1/3hp to 2hp sited on Pancake; Upright or Horizontal air receivers (Lubricated or Oil-Free)

As distributed for : Bambi Air Compressors Ltd. & ParkAir Pneumatic Ltd.

Piston Air Compressors: 1.5hp to 3hp (Floor / Receiver mounted 100 / 200Ltrs); Single phase.

4hp to 15hp (Floor / Receiver mounted 200 / 500Ltrs.); Three phase.

2hp to 10hp (Floor / Receiver mounted 100 / 500Ltrs.), (With / without Air Treatment).

Spiral Compressors: 2hp to 4 x 5hp (Floor / Receiver mounted 270 / 500Ltrs.), (With / without Refrigerant Dryer).

Rotary Screw Compressors: 3hp (Enclosed casing; Floor / Receiver mounted 300 / 500Ltrs.) Single phase.

3hp to 15hp (Open casing; Floor / Receiver mounted 300 / 500Ltrs.) Three phase.

5hp to 30hp (Enclosed casing; Floor / Receiver mounted 300 / 500Ltrs. (With / without Refrigerant Dryer).

15hp to 220hp (Floor standing) (With / without Variable Speed Control).

Refrigerant Dryers: 15 to 869cfm @ 9bar or 23 to 1395cfm @ 7bar. (Capacity Flow Rate).

L.P. Absorption Dryers: 5.3 to 741cfm @ 9bar or 4.2 to 593cfm @ 7bar (Max. pressure operation 11bar).

H.P. Absorption Dryers: 17 to 720cfm @ 9bar or 16 to 684cfm @ 7bar (Max. pressure operation 16bar).

As distributed for : Worthington-Creyssensac Air Compressors Ltd.

Condensate Management Systems : 90 to 5400cfm Oil / Water separation.

Zero loss Condensate Drains 240 to 84000cfm.

Float / Electronic Drains (Unlimited capacity).

As distributed for : BEKO Technologies Ltd.

We can supply a full range of Couplings (Quick release / Thermoplastic & Brass); Pneumatic & Hydraulic fittings; In-line Filtration / Regulators / Lubrication; Pipe / Tube / Hoses; Cylinders; Ball Valves; etc.

As distributed for : Tom Parker Ltd.

For a full range of Spray Paint products : Wagner SprayTECH (UK) Ltd.

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Workshop : Unit 22, 100 Trostre Road Workshops, Llanelli, Carms. SA14 9UU
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